About this Blake’s 7 blog

Firstly I asked myself who is this for?
Is it for Blake fans, or sci-fi buffs, or anyone with an interest in British television history?  Then I sussed that this blog would be faaaarrrr to high-brow for historians.  Surely they wouldn’t want to hear my inane ramblings about how Walter Henry played both a Silurian and a Primord before reaching the peak of his career as one of Zukan’s technicians in Warlord?
In the end I got tired thinking about it.  But I worked out the answer.  It was for me.  And hopefully it might drag along a few folk on the way.

So how will this blog work – and what do I have to say?


This blog will predominantly be about Blake’s 7, obviously.  However it is also about my personal recollections about watching television and how it has shaped me growing up. So along the way, the blog posts will meander and deviate from the core subject, as I recall different things.  So you can expect me to be really self indulgent.  Sorry about that.

You can also expect (to name but a few):

  • Televisual things that scared me as a child.
  • The origin of the ‘Gurgle Glug Gurgle’.
  • The impact of post war architecture on the world of Blake.
  • The synergy between Rumours of Death, and William Blake.
  • Why season 15 is the best Doctor Who series of them all.

I will post trivia that I discover along the way, mainly about the cast and crew, especially some of the lesser known names.  This is my gift to you.  And like most gifts, you may not want it, or more likely will already know it.  If I write about it, just see it as a pleasant surprise I discovered on the way.


What it won’t contain is any episode synopsis, or specific behind the scenes information, that is probably already known to many a Blake’s 7 fan – unless it drives the text. Which will probably be quite frequently.

I won’t be reviewing any of the episodes in the order of transmission.  This is one of those needless challenges I am setting myself for no good reason. Actually, thinking about it, I’m hoping I might come to appreciate the episodes as they are, rather than merely all about their place in the overall narrative, which is the way I often watch Blake.  It’ll also get rid of the inevitability of having to wait an eternity to reach the final episode, Blake.   So my first blog post will be about Volcano, and the last? Fate will dictate it’ll probably end up being Blake anyway.

I will also shamelessly pinch ideas from elsewhere, as we all do.  So in addition to notes about music, best bits, worst bits and so on, I will often be exploring the design of particular scenes from both the point of view of set design and artistic direction.

Even when I have posted about an episode, I’ll probably have more I want to say, down the line.   I’ll be open to constructive comments that might provoke further discussion. So I will update already published posts from time to time. This blog won’t sit still, and I hope, in time you won’t let it sit still either.

So lets take a look at this lovely photo and examine what these actors were up to when they were younger.

On with the show…



5 thoughts on “About this Blake’s 7 blog

  1. Absolutely love your blogs on Blakes 7. So detailed and pain stakingly put together. I really appreciate the efforts you have gone to; the actors backgrounds, the writers synergies with other things they have written. In this day and age of easy consumption of all things, I just really wanted to reach out to say thank you! Love your work! Kindest regards Graham


  2. Only just discovered this blog (by being referred to the chairs page). Fascinating and thoughtful stuff, really enjoying the format and the non apologetic DW bias. Loving the content but it would be so much better as a book…any thoughts?


  3. Hi there Tim! I also wanted to add my thanks for your brilliant blog. I’ve read about two thirds of the posts now, one per day. It’s so refreshing to read the thoughts of someone who loves Blakes 7 as much as I do, and in such granular detail. The little references and throwaway inclusion of lines, they’re like injokes I didn’t think anyone else was in on. You’ve also opened my eyes to new themes and details – love the chair obsession! You’ve done brilliant work and I’m loving it. Peter


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